Club Events and Activities

Tuesday evenings are our regular meetings, where as a club we share our hints and tips on anything and everything to do with fly tying.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you will be most welcome to join us, as we work through a programme where our Instructor members will take us through fly patterns that they may have created, recently learned, or simply found interesting or quirky.

Aside from this, eight guest speakers—often celebrities in the fly dressing world—
are lined up for 2020. We will also be fishing once a month through the year at local fisheries,
which is an opportunity to put some of the flies you tied to the test.

Click on the table of events to see what we're doing in 2020.

Where to have fun with the flies we tie

We have also compiled a list of local fisheries where, as a club, we have enjoyed fishing days each year.

We hope that these useful links will help you enjoy fishing, and all the more so with flies you have dressed yourself.

You can also read on our club blog about why you, or anyone else you know, should tie flies.