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Fly Tying nights continue at Atherley

We have traditionally moved to Toronto Court in the summer, i.e. at the end of May. COVID continues to disrupt this, and we will need to await next summer to see if we can restart this tradition.

Toronto Court allowed us freedoms to try a things we are challenged to do at Atherley Bowling Club. So casting on the large grass field at the rear in Toronto Court isn't something that we can do easily at Atherley.

We're starting to explore ideas to break some of the regularity of tying every Tuesday. We have made tools in the past, dyed material, improved casting, understood how to put welded loops in fly lines, etc… Any thoughts in this direction would be welcome. Once we have some idea of what we all want, we will then need to look at balancing the books and dates.

Similarly, if you would like a specific fly pattern taught or demonstrated, please ask.

This Sunday 12th June we are fishing Avon Springs, a family-run fishery in rural Wiltshire. Directions and prices are posted on their website. There are two large clear water lakes stocked daily with a selection of rainbow trout.

The fishery opens their gates at 08:30, and we’d suggest that people arrive to start fishing at 09:00. We’ll stop for lunch around 12:30 and carry on if you still have fish to catch after. To be on the safe side, it may be best to make your own provision for tea and/or coffee, in case the fishery is still catching up post-COVID.

Looking forward to seeing you there this Sunday!


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