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Dispatch is a Magazine style blog for your new website. Each of its features have been designed and built using GeneratePress and WP Show Posts….

Who we are

Adding post lists and grids to your Site couldn’t be easier than with the WP Show Posts plugin. Dispatch uses the Free version to display…

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Dispatch uses a few Hook Elements to create some Custom Elements in the site. All of them provide dynamic output and should not require any…

End of year fly fishing will be at Meon Springs on Monday 28 December.

Check out our Club Activities page as more activities are finalised for the New Year.


The ultimate test of any fly is—does it attract the attention of the fish? Thus we wet our lines once a month to test the flies we tie. If tying your first fly is a milestone event for you, with the joy and triumph that success brings you, imagine how it feels when you catch your first fish on a fly you had tied. We visit local fisheries, with the occasional trip to more distant ones; sometimes for friendly competitions...or for the fishing...but all to have a good time.


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