Sunday fishing days are back on the menu!

We are back to fishing once a month through the year at local fisheries, which is an opportunity to put some of the flies you’ve tied to the test.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you will be most welcome to join us.


Sunday 15 January 2023Holbury
SATURDAY 04 February 2023Moorhen
Sunday 26 February 2023Woodington
7th John Hardley Memorial - 2022
Sunday 12 March 2023Mill Farm Trout Lakes
Sunday 16 April 2023Pittleworth
Sunday 14 May 2023Chalk Springs
Sunday 11 June 2023Barn Elms
Sunday 16 July 2023Chiphall
Sunday 13 August 2023John O Gaunt
Sunday 17 September 2023Manningford TBC
Sunday 15 October 2023Damerham
Sunday 19 November 2023Flowers Farm Trout Lakes
Sunday 10 December 2023Woodington
8th John Hardley Memorial - 2023
Thursday 28 December 2023Meon Springs

NOTE:-Sunday 26 February 2023 – Woodington – 7th John Hardley Memorial – 2022 = rescheduled day from 2022 because original date cancelled as the lake was frozen in December