Widowmaker fly pattern in orange and black color combination on orange background.


For reasons only known to trout, flies incorporating black or orange prove extremely useful..

Three Autumn Hydropyches fly patterns on white background, overlay text 'More W.T.F.? or Why Tie Flies?

More W. T. F. ?

So, tell me more…Why Tie Flies? Considering the prices of flies available on-line or in-store…

Why Tie Flies? Just like these two Autumn Hydropyches fly patterns attached to a wine stopper. You too can tie your own flies.

W. T. F. ?

Why tie flies? They’re not very expensive (classic Salmon flies apart), so why not just buy? It’s conceivable…


This Hoppercock is an imitative pattern – some might say a modern fancy fly – certainly not a lure..