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This Hoppercock is an imitative pattern – some might say a modern fancy fly – certainly not a lure. From the Hopper family of flies, it could be a daddy long legs or any of the other drowning long-legged insects.  The cul de canard (CDC) breathers allude to an emerging insect and will suspend this large fly for a short time in the surface film.

Once tied, it’s sure to be a favourite in your fly box for still waters and reservoirs as this fly will draw fish to it and ensure some good sport.


HOOK: Kamasan B100, #12, barb flattened

THREAD: Ultra 70d, dark olive

ABDOMEN: Tying thread, flattened and build taper

RIB: Sabiki olive flash / Krystalflash

LEGS: Knotted pheasant tail fibres, dyed red

WING & WING CASE: 3xCdC plumes, clipped and stroked

THORAX: Whitlock’s SLF Crayfish Orange, plus a final tiny amount of Brown Stone to cover thread wraps at head

Hoppercock recipe, a Hopper fly tying pattern handwritten on a notepad.
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