Fly Dressers’ Guild Wessex Branch has worked with a talented team to develop this website and to provide a gateway for sharing information about Fly Dressers’ Guild Wessex Branch and the practice of fly dressing. There are two groups that the Society would like to acknowledge:


Fly Dressers’ Guild Wessex Branch asked the following team to develop the website on their behalf:


icedHotideas is a design, development and strategic marketing consultancy that is the brainchild of Brenda Martinez-Eslinger.

Brenda is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing; her background in advertising art and branding is combined with over 20 years of corporate marketing experience. Contact any of our web collaborators through


With years of copywriting experience specialising in the construction and health and beauty industries, Raffy Martinez brings his unique voice to the world of fly dressing and fly fishing. Get in touch with Raffy via


Joshua Dingcong is a website developer and programmer specialising in WordPress, Laravel, full-stack development and photo editing. Joshua can also be contacted via icedHotideas.

Fly Dressers’ Guild Wessex Branch much appreciates the excellence of these individuals’ work and the creativity and originality they brought to our website. Without each of their contributions, we would have had a much more demure, and less informative, website.

Thank you.


Fly Dressers’ Guild Wessex Branch acknowledge the work of the following authors and photographers in developing this website:

Paul Herington – Treasurer of the Branch and one of the frontline demonstrators at our Tuesday evening meeting.

Paul, when not practicing his special long-distance release, is brilliant at catching fish, he enjoys salt and freshwater fishing. He provides photos, words of wisdom and guidance in good measures to support both members and the Branch.

Graham Spencer – Our master of the buzzer and Competition Secretary.

Graham will often be seen at the edges of fisheries, biding his time as he dangles his buzzer. He has an excellent manner in encouraging those of us having a bad day and contributes both photos and wisdom.

Rob Horgan – Rob has brightened many an evening when he demonstrates his latest and greatest pattern as another of our frontline demonstrators.

Rob has a knack for reading waters that leave most of us mystified and produces full bags regularly, with his latest creation always on duty. He has a keen eye for the camera and can put a good story together around the trials of the day. He will be sorely missed.

The list of authors, photographers and artists is a growing one, which we will update periodically. If we have missed any authors, photographers and/or artists we apologise and will be correcting this in the next update. If you observe an error in this respect, please drop us a line via our Contact page.

The contribution of their work to our website is gratefully acknowledged and much appreciated. The fly dressing community is richer for their sharing, which has demanded that they give us time and effort, with no benefit other than this short note of thanks.

Gratefully Thanking You.