Lures and Lore

Member across the water on other bank preparing gear during a trout fly fishing competition.

7th John Hardley Memorial Competition Woodington Lakes

New member takes home trophy Trout fly fishing is the winner at 7th John Hardley Memorial On Sunday 26 February 2023, we returned after a two-month wait to Woodington Lakes Trout … Read more

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An angler is standing and casting his fishing rod into the lake on a Sunday fly fishing day.

Sunday Fishing Day 22 November

Sunday fishing day at Duncton Mill: November 22 The fourth Sunday of November promises another good day in the calendar.Duncton Mill is a fantastic day … Read more

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Widowmaker fly pattern in orange and black color combination on orange background.


For reasons only known to trout, flies incorporating black or orange prove extremely useful..

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Lake view with an angler fishing during a trout fishing competition in 2019, with overlay text 'Looking Back: 2019 John Hardeley Memorial.

Looking back: 2019 John Hardley Memorial

FLASHBACK: It’s that time of year again—Wessex FDG’s annual John Hardeley Memorial, held at Woodington Trout Fishery. When I drove into the car park there … Read more

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No, really? The 4th W.T.F.?

And thus continue my WTF musings… In the three previous ‘Why Tie Flies’ jottings…

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Angling to resume in England! Wooden bench, fishing rod, and tackle bag on grassy ground with text overlay 'We will fish again!'

We will fish again!

Angling to resume on Wednesday, May 13th. The Angling Trust has given a warm welcome to the announcement today (May 10th) by Prime Minster Boris … Read more

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One-on-one fly-tying demo at a meeting with an overlay text 'Even More...W.T.F.? or Why the Flydressers?

Even More W. T. F. ?

In this piece, the acronym stands for ‘Why The Flydressers?’ A good question. The Flydressers’ Guild…

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Three Autumn Hydropyches fly patterns on white background, overlay text 'More W.T.F.? or Why Tie Flies?

More W. T. F. ?

So, tell me more…Why Tie Flies? Considering the prices of flies available on-line or in-store…

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Why Tie Flies? Just like these two Autumn Hydropyches fly patterns attached to a wine stopper. You too can tie your own flies.

W. T. F. ?

Why tie flies? They’re not very expensive (classic Salmon flies apart), so why not just buy? It’s conceivable…

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Fly fishing rod and reel on the ground by the lake during the John Hardeley Fly Fishing Memorial Competition in 2017.

Remembering John Hardeley in 2017

Blogger Rob Horgan takes us back to the end of 2017, when the second John Hardeley Memorial Competition was held by the Fly Dressers’ Guild … Read more

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A hand holding a perch fly pattern with the overlaying text 'Stripey - Perch Fly Pattern'

Stripey – Perch Fly

Stripey is an imitative Perch fly or a lure, depending on your view. This pattern is a natural attractor…

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This Hoppercock is an imitative pattern – some might say a modern fancy fly – certainly not a lure..

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Geese swimming in lake with overlay text 'Where we meet and how to find us'.

We meet Tuesdays at the
Atherley Bowling Club
Hill Lane,
Southampton SO15 5DB

Atherley is a Members’ Club and we are their guests. We normally gather in the bar starting 19:00 for a 19:30 start. There is plenty of car parking outside the Club.