For reasons only known to trout, flies incorporating black or orange prove extremely useful between October and March, which coincidentally is the best period to fish lures. This one features black and orange together, a combination that was the only acceptable thing to the Avington trout one December day. If I’d had a supply of them I could have sold them all to a group down from London, all sporting Father Christmas hats!

HOOK: Kamasan B830 #12

THREAD: Uni 8/0, black

BEAD: Tungsten 2.5mm Camo

FLASH: Mirror Flash blue, 2 each side

BODY: Orvis Krystal Flash Chenille, ‘Black’


  1. Orange straggle string, but first tie in the orange cock hackle by prepared tip, hanging front-down over the hook-eye.
  2. Then wind the straggle string to 11/2mm from the bend (two turns).

FINISH: Varnish on thread & whip finish

NB: Omit the flash in the tail if preferred.

Hoppercock recipe, a Hopper fly tying lure handwritten on a notepad.