Stripey – Perch Fly

Stripey is an imitative Perch fly or a lure, depending on your view. This pattern is a natural attractor for predatory fish, and while aimed at pike, is sure to appeal to zander as well.  This fly combines imitation of baitfish with some bright, loud patterns to act as attractors.

Stripey pulled on a slow jerked retrieve will imitate a wounded perch; alternatively, with a fast strip back will trigger territorial aggression – both result in takes and fish landed.

When the water is clear, some anglers prefer natural pike fly patterns. When the water is murkier, or colder, brighter pike fly patterns could work better. Stripey combines a little of both worlds.


Hook: 2/0 Kamasan 940


 – Under: Black Thread

 – Over: Synthetic Hair (top) Olive (Bottom) White

Fins: Short Golden Olive/Yellow Synthetic Hair

Eyes: Holographic 10mm

Head: UV Resin over Eyes

Stripes: black permanent Marker

Outline Tying Notes

Start thread at eye and wind up and down shank 2 or 3 times to establish a firm base for body.

Start at tail and tire in small pinches of synthetic hair (white under olive over)and varnish in. 

Tie in second small pinch using first to kick second up and form body. Repeat to about 7-10mm from eye of hook. 

Take small pinch of golden olive/yellow and flare out to fan, tie in on each side as a fin. 

Continue with 1 or 2 more pinches of white/olive synthetic hair. Form nose of fly and finish

with tread wraps. Whip finish and varnish head.

Allow varnish to dry.

Comb fur out as a thin veil over hook and using thinning scissors thin out tail.

Peel eyes off backing paper and locate one each side of head.

Form bubble of UV resin between eyes and over head of fly, set and repeat as necessary to build a robust head and lock eyes in.

Using a Sharpie or similar, mark in 4 bars—heavy in the olive and bleeding out.

Hopper fly tying pattern in olive, orange, and brown on gray background

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Written by

Paul Eslinger